confused by 见

April 23, 2012, 03:46 AM posted in Grammar Questions



This sentence is from a new piece about a female student who was molested on a bus.  I am under the impression that the 见 means "see" or "perceive," but I'm not sure.  I translate it like this:

"The female student saw/perceived that 'John Doe' Yu was continuously touching her; she couldn't help but shout out..."

Am I right or wrong?

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April 25, 2012, 12:37 AM

This is probably a vocabulary thing more than a grammar question, but anyhow it does mean see.  I typically hear it in sentences containing "看见"

见 could also mean to 'meet'.

We do this in English too, as in:

Let's go see them at 6pm.

Let's go meet them at 6pm.

A 见 example in Chinese would be:

不见不散 ("be there or be square", meaning one will not depart from a meeting place until the other has shown -- more of a pre-cellphone era thing....)




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The sentence is from an editorial article. It's a little more complicated sort of text than the "看见" patterns you're referencing, mate.

That said, you might be right. It might just simply mean "saw" and probably does, but I hope the teachers take a gander, as well, if they get a chance.

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Hey dusg123,

In this case, ”见“ does just mean "to see." Your translation looks good! :)

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谢谢,老师 :-)