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Real language

We believe that students learn better from immersive experiences instead of traditional textbooks.
ChinesePod creates Mandarin Chinese lessons with real language that native speakers use, not stiff, unnatural textbook phrases.

Suited for all levels

Are the students that attend to your classes a mix of Chinese learners from a wide range of academics levels?
Here at ChinesePod, we structured our lessons into levels. Newbie, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced, to better serve every one your students.

Easy to use

We provide over 4000 entertaining and practical audio & video lessons that make learning the Mandarin language fun.
Simply, instruct your students to download a lesson, study it overnight, then break down the lesson in your next lecture. Each lesson also comes with downloadable dialogues, vocabulary, grammar and practical exercises.

Experience it by yourself, for a whole month!

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Restricting courses are all over!

We all don’t listen to the same music, or like the same food so why should we be forced to follow a structured, monotonous curriculum when it comes to learning a language?
With ChinesePod you have the freedom to take the Mandarin Chinese lessons that you find interesting, having the ability to study at your own pace.

Teach the topics you want!

With the largest library of Mandarin Chinese lessons, on and offline, you have 4000+ lessons at your fingertips.
We challenge you to find a situation or topic we haven't already covered, and our library is always growing, updating on weekly basis.

Train your ears not your eyes

Flashback to your were a childhood and learning your mother language for the first time: you started with listening, not reading.
We believe that our audio and video lessons mimic the natural process of language acquisition that everyone goes through and are the best way to learn Chinese.

Native pronunciation

Access our specially designed video course "Say It Right (S.I.R)" entirely devoted towards teaching the correct pronunciation of the Chinese Mandarin Language.
The "Say It Right (S.I.R)" video course contains 22 lessons, in which you will learn all about pinyin, tones, tricky combinations, tone change rules and difficult sounds. These lessons work to give you a comprehensive and unprecedented education on the most daunting aspect of learning Chinese.

Once you are finished with the video lesson, there is so much extra content waiting on our lesson’s page, including vocabulary, sentence reviews, and expansions, where we give further examples of the lesson’s grammatical structure and vocabulary in different context.

Endless enriching review opportunities and the option to download the audios and study them on the go!


The Dialogue section provides an interactive transcript of the lesson. The Chinese characters are provided along with the English translation and pinyin to ease with pronunciation. It’s better to learn the target language in context but we provide a function to study each word separately too. Scrutinize each Chinese character by mousing over it to see the literal translation. You also have the option of toggling between Simplified and Traditional characters.


Rote memorization is boring and not the most effective method, but we suggest using the supplementary vocabulary lists in conjunction with the audio or video to accelerate your rate of achieving language competency.


Our expansion gives you the opportunity to learn target vocabulary taught in the lesson in other meaningful situations.