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Just read an article about a legal case in which Aussie tennnis star Lleyton Hewitt took someone to court over a "c'mon" trademark. Now I certainly believe in folks intellectual property rights, but to me this seems quite a stretch.For starters "c'mon" is just such a common thing for an Aussie to say and has been around way before Lleyton.As the article below points out, it was the catchcry of cricket fans when I was growing up when they had an ad campaign that had a jingle "c'mon Aussie c'mon".Putting that aside I find it hard to think that such a simple and common two word saying could belong to just one person.Here's the article:


I wonder what the situation is with similar trademarks in China.Any similar cases?


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July 14, 2010, 02:42 AM

There's a trademark on the phrase "c'mon"? Thats a bit ridiculous..

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July 14, 2010, 02:49 AM


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sorry,I've just seen the original link in this thread hasn't worked properly but the above link is working...goes to the article.

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July 14, 2010, 11:37 AM

Hi Barbs

I don't pretend to know much about trademark law but I imagine that some brands are vigorously protected in China in the way they are in the West.  But there is also a peculiarly Chinese way of defending brands - by persuading the Government to give you an impressive looking shiny plaque to erect in the front of your shop - it says 'China's Famous Brand'.  I am not sure of the process involved - maybe someone can enlighten us?    

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July 14, 2010, 03:51 PM

"COME-ON" was trademarked in France on the 23th december 2004 by John Patrick Sheils under class 9 (helmet), class 25 (clothes), class 28 (sport items).

See registration here:


... sorry, it's impossible to copy and paste links here !!!

Just type "bases-marques.inpi.fr/Typo3_INPI_Marques/marques_fiche_resultats.html?index=10" after "http" double dot and double slash

other registration of "come-on":


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哇 ,你的研究才能真厉害 ! 对,就是这个人

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简单搜索 !


Marque : COME-ON

Classification de Nice : 9 ; 25 ; 28

Produits et services

* 9 Casques.

* 25 Vêtements, à savoir chemises, y compris chemises de polo et chemises de tennis, t-shirts, dessus, pantalons, caleçons, shorts, jupes, dessus et dessous de tenues de course, maillots de bain, bandeaux contre la sueur et brassards, pull-overs, vestes, costumes, chemisiers, robes;chaussures, à savoir souliers, chaussures de tennis, chaussures de sport, sandales, chaussures de golf, chaussures de cricket, chaussures de jogging, chaussures de course, bottes, chaussures de football;chapellerie, à savoir casquettes, visières, casquettes, chapeaux, bonnets de bain.

* 28 Articles et équipement de sport, à savoir raquettes, raquettes de tennis, housses pour raquettes, ballons, balles de tennis, balles de golf, ballons de football, balles de base-ball, ballons de basketball, balles de cricket, planches pour le surfing et body boards, sacs prévus pour transporter des articles de sport et équipements, queues de billard et ballons, clubs, clubs de golf, battes, fléchettes, gants, à savoir gants de baseball, de boxe, d'escrime et gants de golf, sacs de golf, patins.

Déposant : John Patrick Sheils, 5 Badet Court, QLD 4123, Rochedale, AU

Mandataire : WILSON GUNN, 5th Floor Blackfriars House The Parsonage, M3 2JA, Manchester, GB

Numéro : 4225488

Statut : Marque enregistrée

Date de dépôt / Enregistrement : 2004-12-23

Date prévue pour l'expiration : 2014-12-23

Langue : Anglais (Langue de dépôt) Français (Deuxième langue)


* Publication 2005-08-08 (2005/032)

* Enregistrement 2006-04-10 (2006/015)

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July 14, 2010, 04:12 PM

Could we have the links back please !

That's quite annoying !!!!