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April 03, 2010, 07:51 AM posted in General Discussion

The New Iphone program is great, BUT, I wish you could setup your phone so it can list / download only certain lessons your are studying. 

The current program is good that it initially only downloads the header information for this lessons currently being studied/ or those lesson bookmarked....

But I like to keep many lessons in my list as currently being studied, so I can keep reviewing them until I am confident I know them very well.  This means that when I use the new IPhone program, it requires to download my whole listing (header info only) of al lessons being studied....

I would like to be able to access the "assigned" category via this website , so I can tag some as "Assigned".....since the new IPhone program allows selection of "Assigned" lessons....

But there seem there is no access on this site to use the "assigned " tag....???  How can we access this tag, so we can use the assigned group?  to maybe isolate what we wish to be downloaded for lessons on the go....I would like to only load certain lessons , that I choose to be downloads to my IPhone program...???


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April 03, 2010, 08:36 AM

I have hopes for the work that has been going on with the interface that it may improve some of these areas.  Certainly there seems to be an intention to help organise this kind of thing in the web interface better, I can't see it not extending to the mobile at some point.

Personally I tend to continue to use iTunes to manage my lessons as the connectivity options for me are not that good.  Maybe i should find a way to change this.... 

Along the same lines though I would love a different way to manage my vocabulary as the current way is pretty tedious and to be able to have more flexible flash cards in the mobile app.