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Posted on: ChinesePod on the iPhone
September 15, 2010, 01:25 AM

Great application for IPhone but could do with some improvements:


1. I would like a clear simple method to be able to tag only the lessons I wish to take with me on the road, and not every single lesson bookmarked. The Iphone app does show a ability to select only "assigned  lessons", how do you make lessons assigned on the website???  If you cant select a small grouping of lessons, say 20 or so in total, it take too long to download, and find the particular lesson you wish to review.


2. I love the ability of the Application to expand on words use. To allow you to choose a particular word, and then it will find additional example sentences or phrases using this same word....very good when you come across a very new word.  Why don’t you also make this a feature of the website?

3. This APP is only good if you have WIFI present, to down load the audio files, and even then I find it take much longer than using I-Tunes. Why don't you provide the ability to draw the Audio files from our I_tune library during Sync process.  Or Setup a different Sync process where we can select lessons to carry with us, and provide a different mean for us to Sync the Audio to our Iphone as selected. I won’t use the full dialogue within this application, as it takes far too long to download. All I will currently use is the Text, to look over the main dialogue, as a review tool.

Posted on: November Just Gets Better!
November 01, 2009, 08:34 PM

Possible Improvement to the site: I would love to be able to search through the various lessons a little easier. 

Firstly I would like to be able to simply go to my lessons and have ability to filter out lessons already sudied. I am concerned if I remove them they will not be available again. SO would prefer to be able to filter them out, in view mode. Also would be great if you could track your progress , how many lessons covered? set some plan of review cycle for oler ones...etc..