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December 19, 2013, 04:52 AM posted in General Discussion

Hey Chinesepod,  

Is there a set number of lessons/podcasts that you produce per week? It used to be one a day, but it seems like it's not anymore.  Also, is there a set time that new lessons are released every day, or not really?



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December 19, 2013, 04:31 AM

Yes, I noticed that today there's no lesson and it was the same two days ago. I am wondering what's happening too...

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December 19, 2013, 04:48 AM

Hello Bohan and Veronique,

Usually we release five relugar lessons and two culture show during the week. But since Christmas is coming, we slow down our step. Here is the official post from our team:

We are sorry for the inconvience we casued.

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Hello Vera,

No problem, I understand. Sorry, I missed the post from the team. Thank you, Vera, to be so kind and to answer so many questions and comments coming from Poddies.



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okay, thanks Vera :)

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I doesn't really matter whether you can produce a new lesson everyday. Most important thing is the quality of the lessons - Chinesepod lessons are excellent!! I particularly like the dedication of the Chinesepod team. NK Chew, Malaysia.

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How can I download lessons onto my Mac so as to get them on my iPod?

And how can I access previous lessons?

Michael B

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You may find this useful:

Also, you may want to download the ChinesePod iPhone app. It is reasonably stable and has some features that iTunes does not.

Speaking of iTunes, if you want to see the text of lessons on your iPhone, please read this:

jeffnelson says

This is in reply to "skib" and anyone else who's having trouble with the Chinesepod app. I don't know if you noticed, but for me, I hardly need the Chinesepod app when I do lessons. This is because the transcription of the dialogue is already embedded into the MP3 that you download.

Let me say that again: you don't need to switch to another app while listening to Chinesepod lessons. The transcription is totally embedded into the MP3 and can be accessed from within the iOS default "music" app.

This is because it's embedded as "song lyrics" according to MP3 protocol. So, what you do is you just tap on the "album cover" (typically a pic of, I guess Jenny?) and the full transcription pops right up. Note, this doesn't seem to work if the MP3 is loaded into your iOS device as a "podcast", you need to designate it as either a song or an audiobook. To do this, in iTunes (on your PC) select the Chinesepod lesson or lessons, right click, select "get info", and then under the "options" tab, click on the dropdown menu in "media kind" and select either "music" or "audiobook". I'll try to post a screenshot here, hopefully it works...

If the pic doesn't load, here's a link to the pic.

- See more at:

I copied this from here: