Something wrong with Anki?

March 31, 2010, 08:47 AM posted in General Discussion

I tried to syncronize my vocab list here on chinese pod with the Anki software but couldn't save the file in the right format. So it wasn't possible to open the file with Anki. When I did that the first time it worked but now it doesn't. Does anybody has an idea how to solve this problem?

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April 01, 2010, 02:07 AM


Did you save the file through the vocabulary manager export page?

There's a link there, "Export Anki 0.9."

Note that what it exports is not an Anki file, but rather a file that Anki can import.

For more detailed instructions on importing to Anki, please see this blog post.

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April 04, 2010, 12:14 PM

Yes thats what I did but now I found out, that I made another mistake. Now everything works well.

Thanks for your help,

mo han