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March 18, 2010, 11:14 AM posted in General Discussion

I provided a link a few months ago to a PDF showing stroke order for some common characters. However, the characters in that file were limited in number. I am now in the process of providing stroke order diagrams for all characters used in the Newbie and Elementary lessons. I have just finished A, B and C in Pinyin alphabetical order. You can find these files here:

Stroke Order Folder

They are Word files, and Word is very slow when lots of diagrams are used. So I have used one file for each double-page. Unfortunately, that means you will need to download each file one at a time - 13 files (double pages) so far. I estimate there will be about 100 such files by the time I am finished.

I have also included the stroke order for the Traditional characters, where they are different from the Simplified ones.

The number next to each character corresponds to the number of that character in my Newbie & Elementary Character Dictionary. You can download that dictionary here.

(Note that these files do not include characters which, during the last 6 months, were included in Elementary lessons for the first time.)

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March 18, 2010, 11:36 AM

Wow. That's quite some undertaking. Normally if I want to check, I just head to

To combat the filesize, would it not be easier for you to convert the image files to HTML format and upload them somewhere?