What's the Right Tag Line??

August 31, 2009, 10:48 PM posted in General Discussion

Da Jia Hao! I need some help from some of my Chinese speaking friends that are much further along than I. I have a consulting business connecting musical instrument companies (mostly guitar companies) with factories in China. In addition to bringing factories and instrument companies together, I also oversee the quality control of the product and provide training for the factory workers on various manufacturing techniques. I work in both directions by also representing the factories and finding them new customers.

I am working on a new business card for this company, and decided to include my information in Chinese on the back of the card. On the front side, my basic ‘tag line’ is Musical Instrument Manufacturing Solutions’. Its very generic, but kind of meant to be since the specifics of what I do varies quite a bit from customer to customer.

Anyway, I wanted to convey a similar tag line in Chinese on the back side of the card, but one that is more appropriate and attractive to the Chinese culture and mindset. Its been suggested by others that I don’t use the exact translation of my english tag line since the Chinese factories tend not to put quite as much value on ‘consultants’, but perhaps more on ‘experts’ or expertise (seems practically the same to me, but there is a subtle difference i suppose).

So I have these 2 possible tag lines for the chinese side of the card:

Number 1)  乐器制造及品质专解 - which I was told translates to ‘Musical instrument manufacturing and quality professionals’

Number 2)  乐器制造解决方案 - which I was told translates to ‘Musical Instrument Manufacturing Solutions’.

I am not even sure if these are translated correctly or not, but would like to ask for feedback on which of these 2 is more appropriate and targeted to the Chinese culture, or if neither is very good, then a suggestion on what would be better. Also, if the translation sucks, could you suggest a better one?

Xie Xie!!

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September 01, 2009, 02:29 AM

Hey, I think the first one is better. Maybe it's a typo there, "乐器制造及品质专家”, it’s "家", not "解". "专家" means "expert", so this can be your title. It says you are an expert on both manufacturing and Quality (control).

And as for No. 2 “乐器制造解决方案”, yes, "方案" is solution, you can say "我们提供最有效的乐器制造解决方案", "We offer the most efficient Musical Instrument Manufacturing Solutions", which can be an advertisement of your company.

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September 02, 2009, 01:45 PM

"乐器制造与质量管理专业人士"="Musical instrument manufacturing and quality professionals’"

I also think the first one is better.

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September 03, 2009, 01:14 AM

Thank you daojianghu! I have received some very positive comments on shenyajin’s idea which was "我们提供最有效的乐器制造解决方案", "We offer the most efficient Musical Instrument Manufacturing Solutions". I really like this also. Does anyone else have any comments about this? Do you think this is better than the others that were listed?