The Black Rose: questions beget more questions

July 09, 2009, 05:13 AM posted in General Discussion

Running down the street she is all of a sudden disoriented - she is now in a dark alley. Her world starts spinning. All she can see is black roses, huge black roses threatening to suffocate her...then she passes out. Time passes. She comes to. She here's the sound of water dripping. The air is musty. Behind her a deep voice asks: "How do you feel after your dose of Black Rose?". Miss Li all of a sudden realises that the nanobots are the black rose, and that they were probably developed by Mr Wang for the Dragon Corporation... But why are they named for the Black Rose Society? More questions. But first - why is she here, who is the man behind her - and what does the Black Rose do?

她听到后方传来低沉的声音:“被黑玫瑰麻醉的感觉怎么样?” 李小姐突然意识到那些纳米机器人就是黑玫瑰,它们很有可能是王先生为龙集团研发的...

失去知觉 - to lose conciousness
旋转 - to spin
窒息 - stifle / stuffy
发霉 - mouldy / musty
麻醉 - anesthesize / to poison / to dose
纳米机器人 - nanobots
命名 - to name

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