Grammar Help - English Please!

June 09, 2009, 06:23 AM posted in General Discussion


I don't know if anyone has asked for  this before but...grammar is tough enough - can't we get all grammar explanations in both Chinese and English?


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June 09, 2009, 07:20 AM

so i'm a chinese .

and when i learned english i felt these two languages are quite similar in grammar  :           they both have a way to identify Sentence Elements ,like:

subject 主语;predicate 谓语;object 宾语;

attributive 定语;adverbials 状语;complement 补语。

and POS ,like:

nouns. 名词;adj. 形容词;adv.副词;verb 动词;

conj. 连词(关联词);prep. 介词;inter. 叹词;

num. 数量词;pron. 代词。

and sentence pattes, like:

陈述句 Declarative sentence :我是Heroius。I'm Heroius.

疑问句 interrogative sentence:你是谁?who are you?

感叹句 Exclamatory Sentences:太棒了!Great!

祈使句 Imperative:请坐~  have a seat please~