lesson suggestions

April 09, 2012, 01:57 PM posted in General Discussion

I have a few lesson suggestions that I like to put out there. 

1. September 11 attacks

2. Consipricacy theories (for example "man on the moon", Kennedy assasination, etc.) 

3. lessons with words like "scam", "politicians", "hype"

4. lessons that have to do with Communism, and perhaps its place in China. Afterall, China is a communist country.

5. lesson on the Cultural Revolution. This is something that is discussed in China much more often than I imagined

I surprised during all the years C-pod has been publishing lessons that there hasn't been a lesson on #1 yet, because that's something that people still talk about. #4 is also a topic that's been neglected. Communism, like all ideologies has a history and an origin, which among other things can be delved into. 

 In general, I think it would much more beneficial to have lessons that involve real events/incidents, rather than purely fictional dialogues. I know there are Media lessons that are pretty much all non-fiction, but Media lessons are really difficult and seldom get published, which means there are few to choose from. 

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