how to say "dramatic comedy"?

March 23, 2012, 12:14 AM posted in General Discussion

I learned a long time ago that comedy is 喜剧(xi3ju4), and I recently learned the word for "drama", which I think is
戏剧 (xi4ju4).  

So, how can we say "dramatic comedy"?

A "dramatic comedy" is a movie like "French Kiss" , "Something About Marry", "50 First Dates", or "The Heartbreak Kid". Dramatic comedies mix humor with elements of love/romance, but there not exactly romance/love stories. 

Also, as a bonus, if you could include the names of other genres as well, such as "action", "sci-fi",etc, that would be great too. I'm beginning to think that Chinese people categorize genres differently than Americans do. 


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