Self Assigned Lessons

March 04, 2012, 11:26 PM posted in General Discussion
Level Lesson Title Topic Tags
Elementary Broken Pipe address, daily life
Elementary Cell Phone Connectivity Issues cell phones, daily life
Elementary Dental Floss daily life, doctor, teeth
Elementary Favorite Sports daily life, hobbies, sports
Elementary Getting Picked up by a Driver daily life, driving, family, transportation
Elementary Hanging Up the Phone cell phones, culture, daily life
Elementary Hospitality Series 1: Welcome to the Hilton! Hospitality Series, hotel, travel
Elementary Hospitality Series 2: China Union Pay Hospitality Series, hotel, money, travel
Elementary Hospitality Series 3: Slippers, Toothbrush and Toothpaste daily life, Hospitality Series, hotel, hygiene
Elementary Hospitality Series 3: Slippers, Toothbrush and Toothpaste daily life, Hospitality Series, hotel, hygiene
Elementary Hospitality Series 4: Chinese Breakfast breakfast, eating, Hospitality Series, hotel
Elementary Hospitality Series 5: Searching for Shopping directions, Hospitality Series, hotel, shopping
Elementary Restaurant Recommendation daily life, eating, restaurant
Elementary Swearing at a Driver daily life, language
Elementary Thanking a Hospitable Friend culture, daily life, friends, thanking, travel
Elementary Weather and Seasons daily life, season, weather
Elementary Whatever... daily life, people, preferences
Intermediate A Bad Temper daily life, people, personality
Intermediate A Wasteful Husband daily life, electricity
Intermediate Fresh Air vs. Heat air, air conditioning, clothes, daily life, office
Intermediate Having Spare Keys Made daily life, emergency
Intermediate Lucky Day daily life, diary, feelings, music
Intermediate Perfume Shopping age, daily life, perfume, personality, shopping
Intermediate Shopping for the Husband daily life, gift, shopping
Intermediate Snoring Again daily life, family, habit, sleep
Intermediate Sportswear Brands  brand, daily life, exam, shoes
Intermediate Teaching English to the Neighbors culture, daily life, language
Intermediate The Kindle daily life, entertainment, technology
Intermediate Unlucky Day daily life, diary, feelings, relationships
Newbie Answering the Door daily life
Newbie Describing the Weather daily life, location, temperature, weather
Newbie Don't push me! daily life, transportation
Newbie How Old Are You? age, daily life, numbers
Newbie How's the weather? daily life, weather
Newbie Invitation to Dinner daily life, eating, time
Newbie Just Call Me... daily life, introductions, name
Newbie Tables and Chairs daily life, furniture, office
Newbie Weekend Activities daily life, entertainment, hobbies
Newbie What's up? daily life, greetings
Newbie What's your name? daily life, introductions
Newbie When is Your Birthday? birthday, daily life, date, numbers, time
Newbie Where do you live? daily life, location
Qing Wen Sleeping in daily life, time

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