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March 04, 2011, 07:58 PM posted in General Discussion


so I'm just trying out cpod at the moment. For now I want to use it for listening to something while doing running or something.

So I set up the RSS feed to get all lessons on my iPod, which works as expected. However, it seems quite slow to get enough lessons on the feed. So afaik some lessons are added automatically every day or less often and I can add more by bookmarking them. But that's a really slow process! I have to click on each lesson, the lessons site is loaded, then I have to bookmark, then go back to the overview page and do the same again. I just want some kind of Chinese "radio" on my level. The content is nice but having to add each lessons manually through this process takes a bit too long. Or am I missing something here?

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March 07, 2011, 05:59 AM

Hi wibr, the only way to add our previously published lessons is by going to the lesson page and bookmark the lesson individually. We are working on a project make bookmarking easier. But as of right now, bulk bookmarking is not available.