Studying, how to split/spend the time?

February 23, 2011, 12:27 PM posted in General Discussion

I'm curious as to how everyone goes about their studying efforts.  I'm looking to see what has worked for everyone on here and maybe borrow some techiniques.  My goal is to pass the old HSK level 7 by October or so of this year.  I keep a daily record of all of my studying, it more or less pans out this way:

Per day:

30-40 minutes - New vocab, vocab review, character review

30 minutes - excercises in my Chinese book (Boya Chinese aimed at level 5,6 on the old HSK exam)

2 ChinesePod podcasts for listening comprehension

10 minutes of reading chinese text/novel

If you have passed the HSK to these levels, and it looks like I'm falling way short on something... let me know.  I'm concerned I'm not reading enough Chinese text.  I heard fast reading of characters is key to the higher levels of HSK.

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February 23, 2011, 04:32 PM

Your are way farther than me, so I know that my response will probably be useless to you except maybe for entertainment purposes.. ha ha ... Anyhow, it is good to see that you describe your studying habits, I used to do that on this site, but I don't give such details anymore. I will simply say, in a general way, that I spend about an hour using Chinesepod podcasts, and I spend an hour using a different resource that helps me learn Chinese characters. Anyhow, good luck on the preperations.