What were the programmers thinking

November 28, 2010, 12:25 PM posted in General Discussion

The update on Iphone App , what a disaster.  Only one improvement is t allows simple grouping of lessons if your subscribed to a course. NOT HAPPY JAN!!  Sorry JEN! I had not warning of such massive upgrade, lost all my previously downloaded content in my Ipad and Iphone. Then I find It needs me to re-register the APP??  And it look s and feels like a serious downgrade, what happened to its ability to dig deep into individual words, to find additional sentence examples....etc...If anything I did expect the any upgrade to make a more enhanced version for use with IPad, but you went backwards a long way. And Hey , what is with the Options Tab - to what??  only to give you one option- TO LOG OUT????

Go back to the drawing board, maybe next time, dont leave it to the programmers, and get users involved !! Oh my God!  Compared to the thousands of very slick, new, very productive mobile APPs...Maybe you need a new design team?

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