Colloquial Chinese

November 23, 2010, 09:04 PM posted in General Discussion


AUTHOR: Kan Qian

DESCRIPTION:This was my first actual chinese book, bought from a local book shop to enhance my visits to chinesepod.  The book is a general learning text that covers the language in a series of dialogs and language lessons.  It has all the usual tone guides and speech guides and also basic strokes for writing.  The initial dialogs are in PinYin and English but as you progress through the book become PinYin, English and Simplified Hanzi before finally they are just PinYin and Hanzi.  My book is the book only but it is also available with a CD and various exercises within the book are aimed at lessons on the CD.  (I didn't feel I needed this as I was using CPod for this)


LEVEL: This starts quite simply and seems to escalate so covers up to intermediate, although there is another book in the series that I do not have.

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