Adjectives After a Measure Word

November 09, 2010, 07:37 PM posted in General Discussion

Re: That's Outrageous

Wow! Look at all the information between the measure word 张 zhāng and it’s noun 票 piào in 张去北京的飞机票. Is this syntax typical? I wonder why I did not notice it before?

I see that after it is established that the context is plane tickets, 飞机票, then the next mention drops that to leave 张去北京的票. And on the next mention it is reduced to 张票.And finally it is reduced to only 张. In one of the expansion sentences the same item, a plane ticket, is said as 张机票.

When I first heard 搞错了 gǎocuòle in the dialogue, I expected it to mean “spoke wrong,” because I thought it would be 告诉 gàosu de gào. But now I see if is a different character and a different tone.

Exercises score = 96%, 27/28 points.
I somehow wrote 拟订好去北京的飞机票了吗?instead of 你订好去北京的飞机票了吗?I did not even know that 拟 nǐ (plan to) was a word. I guess I was just rushing to get finished before my lunch break ended and did not look closely enough at what I had written.

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November 09, 2010, 09:55 PM

Well done, Tom!

96% correct!That's really awesome! Also, you noticed the changes of one thing being mentioned in the whole context.  But please notice that 张票 can not be seen as one word.