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October 19, 2010, 04:23 PM posted in General Discussion

Hi all,

顶!!  Wow!  Finally here!  I have been using Chinesepod lessons for a LONG time... but I'm paying now! John, Ken, and Jenny are like rock-stars to me... in fact, they're even bigger than rock-stars.  Because I can’t stand listening to my favorite rock-stars talk for more than two minutes at a time.  But I regularly listen to these people talk for HOURS a day.  It's wonderful for practicing Chinese, and it’s been a delight getting to know their personalities through the podcasts.  I'm 30 yrs old, American, living in China.

Anywho... here's my question.  There's a few expressions in a song I’m listening to now, which I just. Can't. Wrap. My. Head. Around!  The song is 爱上你等于爱上了错 sung by 张振宇.

The two expressions in question are:

...直到后来有一天 你突然间告诉我

寄托 ??  My friends tried to explain this usage of 寄托 to me, but they may as well have been speaking Chinese (ba-da-bump).  I vaaaaguely get the usage, but not really…

The second expression is:

每一次听你说 心里好像有团火…

团火??  Don’t have a clue what this means…

Anyway, so glad to finally be here on Chinesepod.  If Jenny, Ken, or John respond to this message, I'll just die of happiness.  Oh, and any help on the above questions would be greatly appreciated.


George  ^_^


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