Missed Calls

October 11, 2010, 06:22 PM posted in General Discussion

Hi Helen,

I hope you had a good holiday.

I see that you called me last week, so I guess you did not see my Skype messages. I will paste them here:

[9/30/2010 8:56:41 PM] *** Call to Chinesepod-Helen, no answer. ***
[9/30/2010 8:58:13 PM] Tom Greene: Hi Helen,
[9/30/2010 9:01:47 PM] Tom Greene: I hope everything is OK with you. I waited, but I see you are not online. I spent the time reading the Tai Chi lesson dialogue to myself. I am very excited to be getting Intermediate level lessons. Thank you. See you next week. Best, -Tom
[10/5/2010 1:57:01 PM] Tom Greene: Helen,
[10/5/2010 1:58:50 PM] Tom Greene: I finally figured it out - it was already October 1st in Shanghai, eventhough it was only September 30 in Washington. I hope you are having a fun holiday.
[10/5/2010 2:02:28 PM] Tom Greene: This Thursday, October 7 (8 for you) I will not be able to talk. I have to take guests to the symphony for work. And the following Thursday, October 14(15), I have to attend a reception in the evening for work, so I will not be able to talk then either.
[10/5/2010 2:03:24 PM] Tom Greene: I am enjoying the lessons. The intermediate is challenging, but I am very happy to be working on that level.
[10/5/2010 2:03:32 PM] Tom Greene: Thanks,
[10/5/2010 2:03:36 PM] Tom Greene: -Tom
[10/7/2010 8:45:15 PM] Chinesepod-Helen: 你好Tom
[10/7/2010 8:45:19 PM] Chinesepod-Helen: 你在吗?:)

Well they lost their formating, so they don't look very good, but I think you can read them. I look forward to talking with you on October 21/22.


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October 11, 2010, 09:09 PM



真不好意思,我没注意到你的skype message earlier. It would be much better to leave message here. 因为有时候skype message 很慢,而且 if I am in the middle of teaching online, I might miss the message as well.

Thanks for understandings!

I look forward to talking you on Oct.21.