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ISBN: 978-7-301-07921-8

DESCRIPTION: This book is a Chinese reader a simple story book aimed at people with a base knowledge of 300 charecters.  It consists of a small book with a small Audio CD that contains a series of MP3 files.  These files are the text of the book in audio form, one collection at slow speed and another at normal speed.

LANGUAGE: The main text is in Simplified 汉字 but some potentially new words have a numbered English note at the bottom of some pages.

LEVEL: Elementary/Early Intermediate.  

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October 10, 2010, 08:48 PM


This was my firstChinesereader book, a book published with the story entirely in 汉字. I found it really rewarding to actually read a story without having to constantly have a dictionary to hand.

I had thought that this may be a little simple for me as I've been working on intermediate lessons for a bit, however there were still a few challenges and many lessons that sank in simply because I was encountering them in a "real" situation rather than a shortexcerpt. The book is quite good at reusing particular constructions as it goes through so that you remember how they are used.

I bought this book from the store.