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Posted on: Donald Trump Declares U.S. Exit from the JCPOA (Iran Deal)
May 31, 2018, 03:31 PM

Finally new lessons coming! Here´s my feedback: I find the topic an interesting choice. Normally chinesepod has rather avoided political topics and this one surely isn´t an easy one. Then again, to be honest I am indifferent if they need to cover politics or not. Really don’t care. On the hosts: I really do like the younger one of the both; the way she guides through the lesson and makes comments. Her pronunciation is fantastic and I like her reasoning and thoughts. The older of the both reminds me a lot of 90% of the Chinese teachers out there. I dont like the way she handles the session nor treats the co-host. Her comments are sometimese useless, not only interrupting the younger one (for example when after minute 8 the younger one said something in Chinese and the older one kept interrupting her speaking English, wtf.?). Also, the text which she instructs the younger one to repeat is somehowridiculing her("and now say again the name of the man! Can you say it can you say it? what was the name? Ok. and now again! good girll!"). It was only missing that she gave her a piece of sugar as reward... Somehome I got a bad feeling that I will not like this couple working as a duo in a session. Anyways, some more feedback on the vocab. The vocab was very difficult if you havent studied yet; and then instead of making a break and explaining the useful vocab, I now have seen in detail the Chinese characters for 3 or 4 politcians. Can it get any more useless? Next time we will cover regional parlament elections in Naples Italy and study the transliterations of all local mafia bosses? Seriously... The lesson is also not well balanced in terms of Chinese/English ratio. When it is relevant, there are no subtitles or no hints in English given, which aims at an “advanced” lesson; on the other side, they keep talking for 1-2 minutes in English like in a lower intermediate lesson, which completely kicks you out of the immersion. So I am really puzzled what they wanted to try with the lesson or who it was meant for. Advanced? Intermediate? Both?! The Chinese part of the lesson was clearly rather advanced than "upper intermediate". Last but not least, you can see that Gwylym was not only doing the co-host but also all the IT part; there isn’t much of a continuity in terms of the subtitles of the videos etc, it seems they have changed everything, from fonts, colours, backgrounds, etc. (not that I miss it but what happened to the traditional characters btw?) Let´s see what they do with our feedback.

Posted on: Attractive Gym Trainer
March 17, 2018, 06:23 AM

Why is this lesson called "Hot Gym Instructor" on the app and "Attractive Gym Trainer" in the web version? Can you please make sure the titles match?

Posted on: It's Raining So Bad I Don't Want to go Out!
January 22, 2018, 03:06 PM

The download button is not working for this lesson in the iOS app?

Posted on: Getting on Stage with a Seal
November 16, 2017, 09:32 AM

Is anybody making a quality control on the audio files @Chinesepod? The second time they play the dialogue it's maybe 30% of the volume of the rest of the audio...

Posted on: Road Rage Chinese
April 28, 2017, 08:38 AM

Great topic and nice video with our lovely moderators.

As a suggestion though, I would like them to be less shy on the swear words. You could feel how uncomy they were with most of the harder expressions, but after all it´s exactly those words which no Chinese teacher in classroom ever wants to teach you (they just refuse). Also here you could have at least added the gan to the dialog list ( I assume the character would be 干 ?). So please be more courageous, or let the guys do the lesson, maybe they´d feel less uncomfortable at swearing ;-) It´s part of the language and deserves some serious studying.