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Donald Trump Declares U.S. Exit from the JCPOA (Iran Deal)

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ID: 4073 Upper Intermediate
In this lesson, we cover a current political issue and teach you some vocabulary that might come in handy. Interested in discussing some recent policy decisions with your friends? Check out our latest lesson to learn some of the vocabulary you've heard in the news.
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特朗普 Tèlǎngpǔ Donald Trump (1946-), American business magnate, US president 2017-
总统 zǒngtǒng president (of a country)
穆罕默德 ・ 贾瓦德 ・ 扎里夫 mùhǎnmòdéjiǎwǎdézhālǐfū Mohammad Javad Zarif
哈桑 ・ 鲁哈尼 hāsānglǔhāní Hassan Rouhani
Yīlǎng chēng jiāng nǔlì wǎnhuí Yīlǎng héwèntí guójì xiéyì ,
Iran has said it will seek to salvage the international agreement on its nuclear activities
jǐnguǎn Tèlǎngpǔ zǒngtǒng juédìng Měiguó bùzài wèi Yīlǎng tígōng zhīchí ,bìngqiě chóngxīn duì Yīlǎng shíxíng zhìcái 。
despite President Trump's decision to withdraw US support and reimpose sanctions.
伊朗外交部长穆罕默德 ・ 贾瓦德 ・ 扎里夫将同欧洲各国,中国和俄罗斯进行外交谈判。
Yīlǎng wàijiāobùzhǎng mùhǎnmòdéjiǎwǎdézhālǐfū jiāng tóng ōuzhōugèguó ,Zhōngguó hé Éluósī jìnxíng wàijiāo tánpàn 。
The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will lead diplomatic discussions with Europeans as well as China and Russia.
Yīlǎng shìtú wǎnjiù shèngyú hé xiéyì 。
Attempts will begin to salvage what remains of the Iran nuclear deal.
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