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Attractive Gym Trainer

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ID: 4009 Intermediate
  Despite the howling wind and torrential rain, today's character is still braving the elements to go to the gym for a bit of personal training. The flatmate tries to get to the bottom of why she is really going.
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狂风暴雨 kuángfēng bàoyǔ howling wind and torrential rain
出门 chūmén to go out
健身 jiànshēn to do exercise; to work out
有效 yǒuxiào to be effective
jīntiān kuángfēng bàoyǔ de ,nǐ hái chūmén ?
There's a raging storm outside and you're still going out?
wǒ děi qù jiànshēn ā !jiàoliàn shuō le ,yùndòng yào yǒuxiào ,yīdìng yào měitiān zuò ,bùnéng tōulǎn 。
I have to go to the gym! My trainer says that if you want to work out effectively, you have to do it every day, and that you can't slack off.
nǐmen nà shì shénme jiàoliàn ya ,zhèyàng de tiānqì hái ràng nǐmen qù yùndòng ?zhè shì móucáihàimìng ba !
What kind of trainer is that, making you go to work out in this kind of weather? This sounds like a scam to kill you and take your money!
huà kě bùnéng zhèmeshuō ,jiàoliàn shì wèile wǒ hǎo !
You can't say that. My trainer is trying to help me!
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