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Posted on: Turndown Service
July 05, 05:28 AM

Thanks for your suggestions and compliments

Posted on: The Traffic Jam
June 21, 08:02 AM

Hi andy if you have any problems with the lessons or content then please let us know. we can work on it

Posted on: Stop Speeding!
June 21, 07:24 AM

我从来没收到过罚单。In this sentence 过 is used after a verb or an adjective to indicate a past action or state. 你去年因为超速收到三张罚单。你甚至因为闯红灯收到一张罚单. In this sentence 了 after a verb or an adjective to indicate the completion of an action, at a point in the past or before the beginning of another action, or an expected or presumed action and 过 after a verb to indicate the completion of an action

Posted on: Where's the bathroom?
June 21, 07:03 AM

Hi nikol thanks for your feedback and we are happy that you are taking interest in learning Chinese language

Posted on: Choosing a Wine
June 21, 05:03 AM

Hello dream 白酒 and 白葡萄酒 both are white wine. 白酒means white wine and 白葡萄酒 means white grape wine.

Posted on: Happy Birthday
June 21, 03:56 AM

Hey Acurio! Welcome to join our platform. We are happy that all our videos are helping you. Stay tuned

Posted on: Noodles without Cilantro
June 21, 03:22 AM

In this context it is a interrogative sentence, 一点都不要 this sentence we have to watch the situation but often it is said"一点都不要吗?But normally it is not the case as in this lesson's context.

Posted on: 混血儿
June 21, 02:08 AM

Hey i will convey your message to my team

Posted on: Subway Announcements
June 21, 01:16 AM

Hey Bob sounds great that our videos and contents of it helping you

Posted on: 话中带刺
June 21, 01:13 AM

Hey if you have some suggestions then please recommend us. we will work on it