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Stop Speeding!

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ID: 0137 Intermediate
The Grand Prix held here in Shanghai showcased breakneck speeds, hairline turns and drivers with death wishes…and that was all in the taxi ride to the stadium. So either you’re really good at the unspoken-but-point-taken bracing yourself with one hand on the glove box and the other on the “Oh Crap” handle, you might love a lesson on telling someone they drive erratically. Listen to this podcast and learn how to express yourself in Mandarin Chinese.
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糟糕 zāogāo awful
司机 sījī driver
总是 zǒngshì always
kāi to drive
nǐ zhīdao ma ,nǐ shì ge hěn zāogāo de sījī 。nǐ zǒngshì kāi de tài kuài ,érqiě hěn cūxīn 。
You know, you are a really terrible driver. You always drive too fast, and you're also very careless.
bù duì 。wǒ shì ge fù zérèn de sījī 。wǒ hěn zhùyì jiāotōng guīzé 。wǒ cónglái méi shōudào guo fádān 。
That’s not true. I’m a responsible driver. I really pay attention to traffic rules. I’ve never received a fine.
húshuō ,nǐ qùnián yīnwèi chāosù shōudào le sān zhāng fádān 。nǐ shènzhì yīnwèi chuǎng hóngdēng shōudào guò yīzhāng fádān 。
Nonsense! You got three tickets last year for speeding. You even got a ticket for running a red light.
nàshí dēng hái méi biàn hóng 。gānggang biàn huáng 。jǐngchá gǎocuò le 。
That time, the light hadn’t really turned red. It had just turned yellow. The police officer made a mistake.
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