Progress ( Beta )

July 31, 2010, 08:13 PM posted in General Discussion

In an idle moment I clicked on the progress tab and found the table below:

Newbie: 6/50 Lessons 12% of recommended number
Elementary: 27/80 Lessons 33.8% of recommended number
Intermediate: 255/120 Lessons 212.5% of recommended number
Upper Intermediate: 191/160 Lessons 119.4% of recommended number
Advanced: 217/120 Lessons 180.8% of recommended number
Media: 18/80 Lessons 22.5% of recommended number

It raises a number of questions.  Some trivial and others related to what is the philosophy for how Cpod should be used?

Trivial: Why don't the numbers match what is in my archive?  How are they being recorded?

Cpod philosophy of usage: What is it suggesting that I do?  Should I focus on Media lessons until I get to 80 and then stop using Cpod?   Should I top up on newbie lessons?  ;=)  Once I have studied the recommended number of lessons at a given level, what proficiency should I expect to have?

[I can converse well enough for routine daily activities, but still get quickly lost in more abstract discussions.]


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