Formula 1

June 26, 2010, 08:11 AM posted in General Discussion
This is the original text from Formula 1 website. I guess we're heading into the race weekend for the European Grand Prix. English: Q: Lewis, how did today’s sessions go? Lewis Hamilton: It was not too bad today. The first session looked quite good. And inevitably I had to look at the others, and see how fast they were. They are looking very competitive, more so on the single lap rather than on the race pace. So I think in regards to the pace, we are closer, but the grip that they have in the high-speed sections is very difficult for us to touch. For us it is important to take as much ground as we can from them, to minimize their advantage". - Chinese: 问:刘易斯,怎么今天的会议去? 汉密尔顿:这不是太糟糕今天。第一届会议上看起来相当不错。无可避免地,我不得不看别人,看看他们有多快。他们看上去非常具有竞争力,更何况在单圈,而不是在比赛的速度。因此,我认为在问候的步伐,我们更接近,但抓地力,他们在高速路段,是非常困难的,触摸。对我们来说,重要的是采取尽可能多地为我们从他们可以尽量减少他们的优势。

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