Finding and Organizing Lessons

June 19, 2010, 08:52 PM posted in General Discussion
Dear ChinesePod How does one create his own "set" of lessons. I understand that you can bookmark the lessons but recently when I tried to bookmark the lessons I noticed that some of the lessons were already bookmarked as "group" which I have no clue as to what this means. Although I love ChinesePod to death finding lessons easily is always so difficult for me to do with your program set up. I find the only way to find a particular lesson is to do a search and even then it's often frustrating because the searches are "case sensitived" which means I always have to have the words or title of the lesson almost written like the way you have them written otherwise I will not be able to find the lesson. I will continue to "badger" you about this by why can't "alphabetize" all of the lessons with each category (i.e. Elementary A-Z, Intermediate A-Z) ? There has got to be a better way than what you have now because everytime I use my ITouch or Itunes I always have to do the ever maddening "scroll" through all of your lessons just to find something I want. I have since learned to make my own sets in Itunes but haven't been able to do this on the actual website. Sorry for all of the criticism and if you have any suggestions as how to organize my lessons better I would appreciate your help........ Thanks ChinesePod

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