‘Being happy is quite simple’ (a message from your local phone company)

June 12, 2010, 02:23 PM posted in General Discussion
It must be holiday time. Today I got the following text message on my phone, together with a little (moving) picture of a cute little thing gazing into a river. 有机会去到清澈的河边,对着河面看一看,你会看到你自己,正在快乐地跳动! 你知道:快乐其实很简单! 周末快乐! (If you have the opportunity to visit a lovely river, and look across the clear water, you can see this for yourself. At the same time the Earth is throbbing with life! You know, happiness is actually very simple! Have a good weekend!) This is interesting because there is no commercial message at all. A Chinese friend suggests that it is a subtle reminder that you should put some money on your phone.

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