What to Buy in Tibet

May 16, 2010, 09:57 AM posted in General Discussion
Popular things to buy here are carpets, daggers, jewelry, aprons and hats, all of which can be found in the famous Barkhor Street. The vendors on the street outside the Holiday Inn have basically the same range, but in smaller quantities and at higher prices. Besides this, plenty of department stores line the Yuthok Lu, selling more routine articles. Those interested with Chinese herbal medicines also have the chance here to pick up some potions rarely seen in other Chinese cities. Dagger Tibetan daggers are seen as indispensable part of the ordinary Tibetan's basic paraphernalia. Not just used as a tool for cutting meat and protecting themselves, the dagger is also a critical fashion accessory. This is especially true of daggers that may be carried by Tibetan women. These tend to be more decorative and delicate. Based on the materials used and the level of craftsmanship in the making of the dagger, prices can range from a few RMB to several thousand. Actually, daggers from Shigatse are particularly famous and are characterized by hard to imitate intricately designed silver sheaths. Jewelry There are numerous varieties of jewelry and ornaments in Tibet, including pearl, agate, jade containers and golden-silver products, etc. Generally, it is more graceful in ancient style. You could get them in some used-goods market of Barkhor Square or some special shops for tourists. They have all the decorations you could wish for, which can be pulled on the neck, adorned the wrist, hung on the ears, or some daggers embellished the waist, and all of them are exquisite and decorative; while for those ornaments bigger than others, you could hang them in your rooms or some public locations, thus it would bring you a kind of special environment. More details please contact with us : Tel:0086-10-51938552/ 51938553 0086-1051938570 51938571 Fax:0086-10-51938553 E-mail:Tibettour01@yahoo.cn Tibettour01@hotmail.com Web: http://www.tibet-tours.cn/ Address:5th floor, MachineryBuilding, NO.248 Guanganmen Wai Street, Xuanwu district, Beijing

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