M and Mx Radio: Science Fiction and No more CCTV!

April 26, 2010, 12:47 PM posted in General Discussion

A Radio show about China!  Every week we scour the web, far and wide, to find great little tidbits about China being talked about in articles or on videos or in audio.  We then neatly package it into a simple, quick and easy to listen to radio show and podcast for everyone on the web.  You can participate if you want to!  You can e-mail us your comments or topics that you wish us to cover.  We strive to be somewhat a-political because we don’t want to be blocked in China.  You can reach us at Radio at Mandmx.com or via twitter here. If you have a comment you can use twitter “@MandMx”  and then your comment and we’ll get it!  We might even feature your tweet on the air!

here's the link:


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