One day in Chengdu

February 28, 2010, 01:12 AM posted in General Discussion

If you are a foreigner in China, here what I am writing is good for you to spend your days in Chengdu.

1. Take a taxi from the airport to the downtown hotel, or take a free Sichuan Airline VIP van if you fly with Sichuan Airline.

2. The recommended hotels in the downtown city should be Sichuan Hotel, Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, Dynasty Hotel, and Holiday Inn Express.

3. As soon as you lay down on the bed in the hotel in the first late evening, try your best to find a Chengdu map. Before that, you’d better have some basic idea on Chengdu general information either via the Internet or friends.

4. Have a nice dream, because you don’t need to worry about what you gonna do tomorrow. I will tell you down below.

5. Wake up early in the morning, but it’s ok for you to get up later. Chengdu people always do that. They live in a comfortable life, entertaining and leisuring.

6. Get yourself washed, brushed and dressed, and of course, fed.

7. Take your professional camera and back up yourself.

8. Take a bus to Jinli, spend the morning there, find out the charm and mistery of this city.

9. If you have some more time before lunch, go visit Wuhou Monastry nearby where you will learn more about the history of Chengdu and Sichuan.

10. Leave Jinli for Qintai Road to have your lunch, where all kinds of special Sichuan Cuisine are available, hotpot, Sichuan spicy food or even snack.

11. Then take a wa** under the sunshine if there is some; spend 15 minutes wa**ing to your next stop: Kuan Zhai Alley (Wide and Narrow Alley).

12. Step into the wide alley and enjoy the chasing happiness of people of all ages, squeeze into the narrow alley and get yourself crowded and melted into the city.

13. Enjoy your sightseeing in both alleys, and then drop yourself in a cafe or bar to share Chengdu people’s silence and comfort in the busy and crowded alleys.

14. Seize your time, get ready to move to your next stop: Jiuyan Bridge (a bridge with nine water-passing arcs). You can spend all your night there, drinking, chatting, hanging, or even dating with a stranger girl, surely who is hot and **y. You will have to say, “em.., That dog hunt.”

15. IF, if you are almost satisfied, call it a day and go back to the hotel.

16. Well, if you think you are interested in the local ill-reput places or street wa**ers…..I’m not going to tell me, haha… go and find out by your self.

Enjoy your days in Chengdu.

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