Drug Rehab: Time Tested Methods

January 08, 2010, 06:35 AM posted in General Discussion

When reading the next diatribe about some poor multi-millionair celebrity enrolling for a month,again, at an expensive rehab clinic with all the bells and whistles(and smuggled contraband-just to take the edge off rehab),  spare a thought for the junkies, prospective junkies, and other unfortunate psychadelic adventurers and unlucky one-timers in the people's republic.

a good story in today's nyts about a stressed mother given a toke of a meth laced joint by friend. friend gets busted, dobs in mother. the dogs rock up to her door three days later. demand she relieve herself of a urine specimen which turns out positive. the dogs promptly wisp her away for a luxurious two year stay where she can take part in activities of a laborious and forced nature.

i bet she'll come out all refreshed and thankful for the opportunity to spend some time alone without having the kids to pick up after.

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