How about some "Courses" (structured progressive lesson sets)?

January 06, 2010, 01:41 AM posted in General Discussion

ChinesePod has done a great job of producing lessons on a wide variety of subjects. It's great how one can dive in anywhere and learn about their interests in the 1200+ lessons available here.

How about going in a new direction and producing "courses" (series of lessons that build on each other)?

This would be an excellent way to:

- Introduce grammar/lexical structures in a structured manner and reinforce usage through repitition throughout the course

- Provide a ramp up between levels

- Provide structure for those that want such things

For example, it may go something like this:

1) Subscribe

2) Listen "Newbie Course 1" (a set of 30 progressive newbie lessons).

3) Keep listening to Newbie lessons until comfortable with that level

4) Listen to "Elementary Course 1" (which nicely ramps up the user from newbie to elementary)

5) Keep listening to Elementary lessons until comfortable with that level


"Courses" could have supplemental links to existing Qing Wens and lessons for those that want to explore particular topics more closely. In the future, additional courses could be added  (ie. "elementary course 2")

I think a move like this would help breathe some new life into the existing format, as well as attract more subscribers who want more structure.


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