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I've been trying to use the flashcards today.  I see the format has changed.  When I try to do the flashcards, it's skipping some words or putting them on the page for just a second before skipping to the next.  Doesn't help to change the settings on the right.  A glitch? 


thanks, jian

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December 01, 2009, 04:21 PM

Nevertheless, many maple mesos newspapers are still offering discounts to bolster their circulation so they don't risk losing maple story mesos even more advertising revenue. The size of the audience is one factor marketers consider when they buy maplestory mesos ads.

How did it happen? The Review-Journal's circulation cheap maple story mesos this year included 23,132 electronic editions compared with just 511 at the same time buy maple mesos last year.

But with only seven months left in office before she steps down after nine years, few think she will be able to maple mesos restore the rule of law in the chronically restive region that has been outside the central government's reach for generations. Maguindanao's acting governor maple story mesos is Sajid Ampatuan, another son of former Gov. Andal Ampatuan Sr., the clan's patriarch.

At least 22 journalists maplestory mesos working for newspapers and TV and radio stations in the southern Mindanao Island region were among the dead — the most reporters killed in a single attack cheap maple story mesos anywhere in the world, according to media groups.

The most senior buy maple mesos reporter in the group was Alejandro "Bong" Reblando, 53, a former Associated Press stringe




Nevertheless, cheap maple mesos many newspapers are still offering discounts to bolster their circulation so they cheap maplestory mesos don't risk losing even more buy maple mesos advertising revenue. The size of

the audience buy cheap mesos is one factor marketers maplestory power leveling consider when they buy ads.

Mangudadatu said one cheap maple mesos witness "saw the gunmen stop the convoy and saw Andal cheap maplestory mesos Ampatuan slap my wife."

Not all the 57 victims were part of the buy maple mesos convoy. Police officer Felicisimo Khu, who was supervising the retrieval of bodies on a grassy hilltop in Ampatuan township, said buy cheap mesos the gunmen intercepted two other vehicles with six people who happened to be traveling at the same time — and killed and buried maplestory power leveling them too.

Arroyo vowed justice for the victims.




The Las Vegas maplestory mesos Review-Journal was among the newspapers whose weekday circulation rose cheap maplestory mesos from the same time last year. Nevada's largest newspaper saw its average weekday circulation rise 6.6 percent, or buy maplestory mesos nearly 11,000 subscribers, to 175,841. It was a remarkable improvement, given that buy mesos weekday sales of its print edition fell by 12,000 copies maple story power leveling and Las Vegas ranks among the cities hardest hit by the Great Recession.

Those police officers "forgot that maplestory mesos they should defend the Republic of the Philippines, not cheap maplestory mesos their Godfather," Puno said.

Puno said there buy maplestory mesos were witnesses to the massacre but refused to provide details. Mangudadatu buy mesos said earlier four witnesses under his protection told him they saw Ampatuan flagging down the caravan. The four were able to turn back maple story power leveling unnoticed, Mangudadatu told The Associated Press.