E&C Input-Method

October 20, 2009, 02:14 AM posted in General Discussion

Function of E&C Input-Method


E&C Input-Method contains Pinyin, General-Code, Digital-code and so on. Collecting togather all the advantages of input-methods. It can help you to solve problems of inputing no matter you know Hanzi or not. Then, you can easily use PC to help you study better. It espacially suits people who are PC beginners and want to input faster. And it also suits people who like to change between simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.

Installation environment:

CPU: 586 or higher, Memory RAM: 10MB, Hard disk space: 30570MB (E&C-Instant Learning :3090MB, Multimedia database :480MB).

System Requirements: the Present version of E&C software is suitable for simplified Chinese version Windows 2000/XP/Vista, traditional Chinese version Windows 2000/XP/Vista and English version 2000/XP/vista.



1. Chinese Classical 

There are more than 40 Chinese classicals, including Three Character Primer, One Hundred Family Name Primer, Tang poems and Song ci and so on.

2.    Input method

It contains contains Pinyin, Phonetic notation, General-Code, Wubi method, Strokes amd Digital-code. You can input no matter you can read or write the words.

3.    Changing between simplified and traditional Chinese.

You can input simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese and you can also change it between them as you like.

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