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October 20, 2009, 02:12 AM posted in General Discussion

Introduction of the Universal Learning English & Chinese Intelligent Software network version


Universal English & Chinese Learning Intelligent Software (E&C Software) is an English & Chinese bilingual learning software, containing E&C input method and E&C software.

E&C software has two versions, stand-alone version and network version. The network version has more functions, and it has full version (adult version ) and lite version(pupil version). In addition, the network version can auto update through the internet, and you can learn by using the translation system through the internet, you can also set the popping pages of advertisement.

We are seeking distributors all over the world. And we sincerely want to invite any companies, institutions and people of vision who would like to invest the E&C software for common development.

General introduction of the E&C Software

E&C software is multi-functional software which combines Chinese Character Writing, Chinese expert on pronunciation, English expert on pronunciation, Chinese-English mutual translation. And it can be used in the Simplified, Traditional and English versions of  Windows2000, XP and Vista operating systems.

Target users: kids and pupils; foreigners who are interested in learning Chinese language.

Eight functions of E&C software

1.Chinese Character Writing

According to the National standards rules of writing, it stroke order demonstration of Chinese character by animation step by step to help beginners master it easily, meanwhile, it can provide the pronunciation of the strokes.

2. Standard pronunciation

The pronunciation support for Chinese words in woman’s voice, and English words in woman’s voice.

3.  Chinese-English mutual translation

E&C software provides Mutual-direction translation function, which helps the users learn both languages quickly.

4. Network translation

You can translate any sentences between Chinese and English through the internet.

5. Chinese characters consulting

You can use Pinyin to consult the strokes of a character and the reverse also applies , which helps you consult a new character quickly.

6. Definitions of words

You can search the Chinese definitions of words and expressions which are fewer than ten through the internet.

7. Pinyin and IPA

It will prompt Pinyin when you click the Chinese pronunciation, and it will also prompt IPA when you click English pronunciation.

8. Functional upgrading

It can enlarge the vocabulary through the internet. Meanwhile, the functions of the software are updating continuously.

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