Learn Mandarin Chinese - 3 Must-know

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Learn Mandarin Chinese - 3 Must-know Tips Before Starting!

If you’re thinking that it’s time to learn Mandarin Chinese, you thought right! Mandarin Chinese is becoming more and more important as a second language for Westerners. It’s importance in business dealings and job seeking is growing every day. But you should definitely check out my popular article, entitled Learn Mandarin Chinese - 3 Tips to Help You Learn Mandarin Chinese! I promise, it’ll help you avoid the many pitfalls of learning this complex new language.

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So you wanna learn Mandarin Chinese huh? You couldn't have chosen a better language to study! Besides being spoken by BILLIONS of people the world over, Mandarin Chinese is also becoming ever more necessary in business, and speaking it will also connect you to one of the world's most ancient and interesting cultures! Here are 3 important things that will go a long way in helping you to learn Mandarin Chinese!

Learn Mandarin Chinese - Tip #1 - Focus on the Tones!
Chinese is a tonal language. This means that words with the same sound can have totally different meanings depending on their tone, or pitch.
Learn Mandarin Chinese - Tip #2 - Don't Forget Reading and Writing!
A question I hear quite a bit from students of Chinese is, "Do we really need to learn to read and write the characters?" The answer is YES! And the sooner you start learning to read and write Chinese, the better.
Learn Mandarin Chinese - Tip #3 - Listen, Listen, Listen!
When learning a tonal and analytic language such as Mandarin Chinese, you need to expose yourself to the sound of the spoken language as much as possible. At first, native speakers' speech will sound as if it is coming at you a mile a minute. However, the more you expose your ears and brain to the sound, it will start to slow down. You'll be able to pick out words and phrases at first, then complete sentences and thoughts.

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