Vocab Manager

September 27, 2009, 09:08 AM posted in General Discussion

Hello CP,

            I would like to make a suggestion or two for the vocab manager.  

1) When you add/or remove a label to a word. The list refreshes and takes you back to page one. It would be nice if it left you on the page you were on. 

2) In the "Filtered Lists" section, it would be nice to be able to filter by "No Label"...That way if I remove a label from a filtered list, I do not have to then go through every page of my "All vocab" list to find it and re-allocate it.....Now i'm starting to get more words learnt (thanks to you guys! ;)) it can be a real pain to re-organise! 


Well thats just my 2 pence worth!  



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