Technical Improvements Suggested Vocab Exercises

September 17, 2009, 07:02 PM posted in General Discussion

I'm having a little trouble with the vocab exercises.  Often, when I click the "View Score" button nothing happens.  Also, the characters are a little too small and for some reason, when I enlarge the screen in IE7, everything else enlarges except the vocab exercise section.

Also, for some reason Kingsoft Powerword doesn't work on that part of the website so if there's a character I don't know, I wind up cutting and pasting into Word so I can then figure it out using the Kingsoft app.

I'm sure there's plenty of stuff for you guys to be working on (overall I love Chinesepod) but if you could find a few cycles to improve the Vocab Exercises feature, that would be well worth it.


Erik from Long Island (soon to be moving to Shanghai)

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