ChinesePod – Newbie Level

July 29, 2009, 08:08 AM posted in General Discussion

I define the objectives of Newbie level as the following

  • To learn the basics of the language.
  • To be able to make simple day-to-day conversation.
  • To get to know the tones of Chinese. Chinese is a tonal language, which makes it very different from all other Indo-European languages.
  • To complete 100 hours to Chinese learning sessions. (This doesn't include time taken to revise and practice).
  • To be able to read around 1000 Chinese Characters. (If can able to write / type, then it's great).

I recommed using a modular technique of augumenting 300 Newbie lessons into four sections and then learning in five phases with increased complexity with each phase.

Unfortunately I couldn't able to post the details with right formatting (for such a big post) in this blog.

Hence I request you to follow the post in my personal blog Study Strategy - ChinesePod – Newbie Level

This link opens in a new window, and I am sorry for the inconvinience.

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