The Big Picture China Tour--Beijing Live

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The Big Picture(Sweden)


Time:30th,July,2009;9 P.M
Venue:Mao Live House
Add:No.111,East Street of Gulou(Gulou Dongdajie),Dongcheng District,Beijing

Tickets:50 RMB
Preorder:30 RMB,plz mail to with title"TBP",inclouding ur name.U'll received the e-mail of confirmation.
preorder time 'till 30th,7 P.M

About Chanchan
Chill complex of classical piano since her childhood with her preference in warm Psychedelic electro.Chan is a sophomore film major, she request the soundscape of sound. Using Chinese, English, French,Germany, Janpanese in her workings which is more than 20 songs, most of it is connect with her novel and play script.

About The Big Picture
The Big Picture is music made by Swedish musician Mikael Salomonsson. Since he joined his first band in junior high school he’s been involved in several bands and music projects playing diverse styles of music. Parallel with the bands there has always been a solo project, and after 2006, when Mikael’s former band The Gentleman Racer decided to part ways, The Big Picture became the main thing.Mikael put together a live band of close friends from other bands like Springfactory, Television keeps us apart and old members of The Gentleman Racer, and together they experimented with ways of arranging the songs, giving them new life and energy. Since then the live band has changed members many times, and it will always continue doing so. The Big Picture is a solo project, and the only thing that will ever be constant about it is its songwriter – Mikael Salomonsson.
In 2008 Series Two Records (US) and 1724 Records (CN) released The Big Picture’s self-titled first full length album, containing some of the best songs from the old CDr:s along with some new songs recorded in early 2008. On the album you can hear appearances from Lina Cullemark (Springfactory), Peter Gunnarson (Suburban kids with biblical names) and Thomas Norstedt (Napoleon) amongst others.
In the summer of 2009 the whole The Big Picture band is coming to China for shows in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai and kunshan, and it’s sure to be a great tour of interesting, energetic, beautiful and fun shows. The band will feature people from Springfactory, Jap Adaptors and The Gentleman Racer amongst others, and together they will create sounds ranging from catchy full on indie to slow beautiful harmonic pop, always with the melodies in the centre.

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