Free, Social Mandarin Group in SF by World Affairs Council

July 15, 2009, 01:10 AM posted in General Discussion

I would like to let Mandarin Speakers (and Learners!!) in San Francisco know about the Mandarin Language Group run by volunteers at the World Affairs Council.

The group meets months with activities such as happy hours, tea tastings, picnics, and museum outings.

This is primarily a social group for the purpose of practicing Mandarin and making friends. It is free to participate in the group.  (Although, of course if the group meets at a museum or for dinner you still need to pay any associated expenses for that.)

The July Event is a special event in which the Director of the Asian Art Museum (he's from Shanghai) will give a short presentation and this will be followed by food and wine and a Chinese tea tasting.

So, the July event is rather a formal event (but still fun!).  But, hey, when else will you have the chance to meet the director of the Asian Art Museum.  Anyway, events in other months are much more laid back.  :-)

So far this group has no ChinesePod connection BUT,  maybe that could be a good idea to have people in one area who want to practice ChinesePod lessons. 

The group has a website here:

You can also join the Facebook group:  

You can write to if you have any questions or want to be placed onto the monthly eVite.

This group is run by volunteers and you can see their webpage here:

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