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July 08, 2009, 01:52 PM posted in General Discussion

I understand that video content has been tried on cpod but has been discontinued due to the difficulty of providing quality content that is up to par with cpod standards. I've been living in Shanghai for a couple of weeks now, (and this is my first time ever in China) and although my putonghua is good enough to get through daily situations watching TV and other media here can be extremely frustrating and difficult. I can't even understand what's going on in the little cartoon about the grandfather yangyang sheep running around in the forest with all his animal friends. this has inspired me to make a suggestion.


I think it would be very interesting and helpful, given the web's ability to stream video content (youtube etc...), if Cpod included a video section on current video media in China that could include music videos (hey we all need a song we can sing with our new chinese friends at karaoke right?), movies, tv shows and most importantly news. I would imagine the video portion only covering a minute or two with a full transcript and translation of what was said. There could then be a video of our wonderful hosts talking in the studio covering the material, pointing out some interesting grammar patterns, and also discussing the content. It would be so awesome to be able to discuss the news of the day (like the riots going on currently) if we knew some of the pertinent vocabulary, and for those of us in china our ears would be able to perk up and listen to additional newscasts/conversations/videos that play on the public busses. 


Just throwing down some thoughts!



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July 08, 2009, 01:58 PM

An additional thought, maybe cpod could even go as far as translating a few popular commercials...picking up some advertising revenue along the way :).