Chinese propaganda posters

July 05, 2009, 11:59 AM posted in General Discussion

This weekend I found this book (9.99 EUR) in my local bookstore. I'm interested in (Modern) Chinese Art and I like this book as background info. Maybe someone else might be interested in this (it's in English / French / German).

Btw, the person who owns the largest collection of chinese propaganda posters is a Dutch professor and you find more info here.

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July 06, 2009, 04:03 AM

Interesting post chanelle, I could spend hours looking at those old propaganda posters, which is odd considering how little I admire or identify with what they represent.

Each is in its own way a marvellous work of art of course, one or two are even superb examples of the skill of image-making.

Thanks for the link to Stefan Landsberg's site, he really is the emperor of this subject. I found a few pages that might also be of interest. This one must surely be of interest to anyone researching the Great Helmsman's 'Great Leap Forward, and this one is a small collection of classics.

Finally this one is another selection from Landsberg's impressive collection.