WLCP to Pleco2 Flashcards for Windows

January 03, 2009, 06:04 PM posted in General Discussion


This program converts WLCP XML to PlecoDict2 Flashcard XML for Windows users.  See here for Mac and Linux 


  1. Unzip wlcp_to_pleco_windows.zip such that  wlcp_to_pleco.py, wlcp_to_pleco.xsl, and msxsl.exe are in the same folder as your WLCP-provided XML files.
  2. Run wlcp_to_pleco_windows.py just as you would welovechinesepod.py
  3. It will ask you for a lesson name, type it in just as you would with welovechinesepod.py
  4. Advanced: You can avoid typing in the lesson names by typing all of the lesson names in a file called lessons.txt just like with welovechinesepod.py

What you get:

  • For example, with the lesson called night-cat, it will read the WLCP-provided XML file night-cat.xml and create the file night-cat-pleco.xml.


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January 03, 2009, 06:06 PM

If only Python included XSL by default this would've been much simpler!