How do I say "about x" in Chinese?

April 26, 2015, 04:57 AM posted in General Discussion

What's the easiest, most natural way to convey the prepostional phrase "about x"?

For example, how would I say, "I'm reading about computers," or "I'm writing about computers," or "I'm thinking about computers"?

How would I ask that dreaded loaded question, "What are you thinking about?"

Also, how would you say, "Help me with the computer"?

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April 26, 2015, 09:50 AM

about :关于

I'm reading about computers  : 我在读一本关于计算机的书

I'm thinking about computers:我在想一些关于电脑的事

What are you thinking about:你在想什么?

Help me with the computer :用电脑帮我

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Thanks! I was wondering about 关于 but I wasn't quite sure how to use it. Still, I think it'll take a while to wrap my brain around some of these.

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Actually if I try to translate some of those back into English I'm not sure it is exactly what you meant to say:

我在读一本关于计算机的书  I'm reading *a book* about computers.

我在想一些关于电脑的事 I'm thinking about *some things related to* computers


用电脑帮我 Use the computer to help me.

In particular the last one, I assume you meant "Help ME to use the computer"  (请帮我用电脑) 


But differences in translation aside, the grammatical use of 关于 is correct in the first two sentences.