Improvements to the site

April 16, 2015, 05:08 PM posted in General Discussion

Hi guys, 

I'd just like to say thanks for improving the site. After moving to Taiwan the quality of everything has improved dramatically. I like the way when I add a word to the vocab list the screen doesnt move up and down anymore. 

Secondly I like the improved quality of the new lessons, especially with actual real grammar points in the grammar section. You can never have too many of those. 

Thirdly, I can finally use my touch screen when doing the tests to change the word order of the dialogue. This is a very good improvement. 

I do have some suggestions though. The most important one is the old lessons. There are some great older lessons on here, that lack the quality of translation and the amount of content the newer lessons hard. I know its a tough job but I think you guys need to go through them all, keep all the original dialogues and recordings, but update the online content. There are translation mistakes and missing grammar points.

A second suggestion  would be the flash card screen. Everytime i add a flash card to a group, and then move to the next plage of flashcards. The group I added the flashcards to is still highlighted in the selection box. This means I cant add any flashcards on the second page to any of the groups unless i refresh the page back to page 1 and try again. 

A final suggestion is sorting out the homework. It is honestly really confusing. There is an option to upload it, and I have written a few homeworks and put them online. But what is the use of it? do you mark it? do you publish it? If so where? it seems like a good idea if people check it, but I dont see what the purpose is of uploading a word file to you. 

Anyway, I'm really impressed with the improvements and feedback so far. Keep up the good work! 

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